Smart Apps Creator 2

Smart Apps Creator 2

An app creator based on PC
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What is Smart Apps Creator 2
Smart Apps Creator is an app creator based on pc. It can create interactive and attractive apps and it helps us publish apps.
Why do you need Smart Apps Creator 2
App is becoming one of the most popular media nowadays. We hope that everybody can use their illusion and creativity to create their own apps on business or any kind of work. Artists and designers have the most creative idea and our tool is here to help them turn it into apps. Businessman is also the most likely people who will need apps for business success.

SAC features
No need programming skill.
Based on PC
MS Office-like interface.
Easiest way to create multimedia interactive apps and publish them.

SAC is for all-level users
Multimedia major student
Personal Studio
Enterprise apps / e-Commerce
Digital media Industry
Brochures / Marketing
Games / e-books
School apps /Education materials

HTML, counter, timer, slides and button, Link Html database.

Abundant Animation
Smart Apps Creator 2 supports abundant animation effects, for example seesaw, zoom in, slide in, flow out etc. Click an object and add your desired animation effects.

Easiest way to create interactivity function.
Interactivity is the most attractive feature in SAC. Through a logical design, we can create a multimedia interactive apps to let users play with their fingers. We can decide the next action of an object and decide what will happen when users' finger touch or drag an object.

Built-in Templates
Smart Apps Creator 2 has unique built-in templates, for example: 360 / 720 3D model or scenery, flipping effects, image sequence and connect-the-dots.

Match Mainstream Device Display
Smart Apps Creator 2 lets you choose your desired device to display your apps.

Real-Time Device Preview
Smart Apps Creator 2 Support Real-Time Device Preview. Through the Real-Time test function, you will see apps displayed on your device before publishing.

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